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Social Media Coordinator

The perfect addition to your growing marketing team, a Filipino social media coordinator can be leased from as little as 20 hours per month.

Social Media Managers

Our Australian social media managers will drive your social strategy, content strategy, while also being available to manage Filipino social media crew on your behalf.

Marketing Team

Lease a pre-built marketing team. Each one of our marketing teams consists of a seasoned Australian marketing manager leading a diversely talented group of Filipino marketing specialists.


Hire an experienced blogger to write compelling and engaging content, tailor-made for your online audience and organic rankings. Our bloggers are all certified Content Marketers within Digital Marketer HQ.

Marketing Funnel Manager

Based in Australia, and with a Filipino marketing crew at their disposal, your new paid media and marketing funnel manager will develop and implement your funnel strategy.

Web Developer

Lease a talented, work-from-home, front-end or back-end web developer for as little as 20 hours per month, on demand. They will be an excellent addition to your existing marketing and development team.

Customer Service Specialist

Hire a customer service specialist to join your customer support or technical support team across voice, live chat, email and social support.


Lease a trained Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks certified bookkeeper for receivables, payables, bank reconciliation, financial data entry, payroll, end-of-month reporting, and more.

Finance Team

Lease a pre-built finance team that consists of a seasoned Australian finance manager and diversely talented Filipino finance specialists, for a fraction of traditional staffing costs.

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“I’ve doubled my sales in the last two months.. And that’s because I’ve managed to be able to outsource all of this stuff to my freelancers which gave me the time to work on my business and gave me time to work on expanding.”
Justin Light, Webdasia

“I didn’t actually have enough actual work to hire somebody full-time and I’m not in a position to offer somebody benefits or anything like that, so I loved that I get the assistance that I need 20 hours a month and I get to know that my assistant is still getting the benefits of a full-time employee.”
Ariel Shipe, Dream Life Revolution

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