Meet the Crew

TIM READINGFounder & Head of Strategy
MEGAN BAXTERHead of Operations & HR
STEPHANIE LIPOVSKYHead of Customer Experience
DIVINA FERMINHead of Customer Experience, PH
BRIDA BONCALONOperations Manager, PH
ZYE ANGIWANOperations Manager, PH

How exactly can we help you?

With a decade of experience in cloud staffing, founder Tim Reading has channelled the learnings from working with over 500 staff and 400 clients to create a truly unique fractional staff leasing solution for the Australian small business community.

My Cloud Crew flips traditional cloud staffing on its head by hiring only the top 5%, and then wrapping them in world-class online training (delivered by DHMQ, Lynda, and Udemy), onshore cloud management and support, and cloud tools that automate and streamline their work.

As a small business owner, you can lease one our of 50 amazing crew members in a monthly bundle of 20, 40, 80 or 180 hours per month, all on-demand from 8:30AM to 5:30PM, Monday to Friday.

Our Values & Beliefs

  • Management of other people is a privilege and a learned skill that evolves over decades. Embrace it, study it, and your business will thrive
  • Managers and leaders are here to serve, not the other way around.
  • Intelligent, process-driven leveraged work will outdo hard work every day of the week.
  • Well-trained and nurtured talent with a clearly defined career path will outshine others 9 times out of 10.
  • A job description gives direction to a role, KPIs define what success looks like. Processes provide the linear path to actioning the role in the real-world.
  • A non-scaled small business is simply a new version of employment, burdened with the pleasure of all of the financial responsibility .
  • People, process and capital are the 3 pillars of small business success.
  • Most small businesses fail to grow because the founder fails to let go.
  • Garbage in, garbage out.

My Cloud Crew vs. Alternatives


Hiring a FreelancerTraditional Staff Leasing CompanyMy Cloud Crew
Australian owned and managedRarelyRarely
Job description consultingNoMaybe
Consulting around human capital solutionsNoRarely
Screening of candidatesNoYes
Hiring of candidates prior to meeting themNoNo
Preparatory training & developmentNoNo, staff are hired on demand
Best practice people management training and coachingNoRarely
Comprehensive onboarding and client education programNo, do-it-yourselfNo, staff are hired on demand
Human capital and management knowledge baseNoRarely
Access to full-time employed staff from as little as 20 hours per weekNegotiatedNo
20, 40, 80, or 180 hours per week
Account managementNoYes
Onshore account managementNoNo
Replacement of poor-performing staffN/ARarely
Within 7 days
Co-management (daily meeting, attendance management)NoNo
Real-time supportRarelySometimes
8:30AM to 5:30PM
Long-term stable solution with access to the same employee permanentlyNoRarely, as employment contracts are co-terminus
My Cloud Crew hires in advance ad retains staff even if you fire them
Replacement of poor-performing staffN/ASometimes
Replacement due to absencesN/ARarely
Same day if requested with buffer staff always on standby
Software included in priceNoYes
Canva for business, TeamWork PM and TeamWork Chat, Hootsuite, Promo by Slidely, etc.
Senior, more strategic roles availableYesRarely

Educational Partners

At My Cloud Crew, you’re leasing only highly trained professionals,
with certifications from Digital Marketer HQ, HubSpot, Lynda, Google, and other reputable platforms.

HubSpot Certified Partner Logo
Digital Marketer Certified Partner Logo
uDemy Logo
Lynda from LinkedIn 2018 Logo
Google Academy Logo

Hear from our happy clients

“I didn’t actually have enough actual work to hire somebody full-time and I’m not in a position to offer somebody benefits or anything like that, so I loved that I get the assistance that I need 20 hours a month and I get to know that my assistant is still getting the benefits of a full-time employee.”

“I’ve doubled my sales in the last two months.. And that’s because I’ve managed to be able to outsource all of this stuff to my freelancers which gave me the time to work on my business and gave me time to work on expanding.”

Justin Light, Webdesia

“Prior to My Cloud Crew, I was spending a lot of time doing [that] admin work and not working on other parts of my business that I really needed to be… Overall, I really couldn’t speak more highly of My Cloud Crew… The whole team is wonderful and they have regular follow-ups, I can run my business as efficient as possible.”

Jacqui Grantford, Jaq Grantford

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