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Finance Team Leasing Options

All prices exclude GST. Our Australian BAS registered bookkeeper will not only complete the most critical bookkeeping tasks, but they will also manage the Philippines crew for you, allowing your business to tap into the cost savings that come with going offshore, without the need to manage the team yourself. 

Small Crew

$350per week
  • $1,516.55 billed monthly
  • 10 hours/month of Australian bookkeeping @$49/hr
  • 80 hours/month part-time Filipino bookkeeper @$13/hr

Medium Crew

$586per week
  • $2,540 billed monthly
  • 20 hours/month of Australian bookkeeping @$49/hr
  • 120 hours/month part-time Filipino bookkeeper @$11/hr

Large Crew

796per week
  • $3,450 billed monthly
  • 30 hours/month of Australian bookkeeping @$49/hr
  • 180 hours/month full-time Filipino bookkeeper @$11/hr

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