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Lease a pre-built digital marketing team

Lease a seasoned Australian digital marketing manager to pilot your digital strategy, and add tactical firepower by selecting from a range of Filipino team bundles.

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An Australian-led marketing crew

For a fractional of traditional staffing costs

Why hire one person when you

can lease the entire crew?

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6 Reasons why Australian
businesses come to us for staff.

Hear from our happy clients

“I didn’t actually have enough actual work to hire somebody full-time and I’m not in a position to offer somebody benefits or anything like that, so I loved that I get the assistance that I need 20 hours a month and I get to know that my assistant is still getting the benefits of a full-time employee.”

“I’ve doubled my sales in the last two months.. And that’s because I’ve managed to be able to outsource all of this stuff to my freelancers which gave me the time to work on my business and gave me time to work on expanding.”

Justin Light, Webdesia

“Prior to My Cloud Crew, I was spending a lot of time doing [that] admin work and not working on other parts of my business that I really needed to be… Overall, I really couldn’t speak more highly of My Cloud Crew… The whole team is wonderful and they have regular follow-ups, I can run my business as efficient as possible.”

Jacqui Grantford, Jaq Grantford

Amazing low weekly investment options

Why hire an inhouse marketing coordinator or manager when you can hire the manager and the entire marketing delivery team!?

Small Team

$490weekly, billed monthly
  • Up to 20 hours/month of marketing manager time & 50 hours of Philippines marketing team

Medium Team

$890weekly, billed monthly
  • Up to 30 hours/month of marketing manager time & 100 hours of Philippines marketing team


1,490weekly, billed weekly or monthly
  • Up to 40 hours/month of marketing manager time & 200 hours of Philippines marketing team

*Prices exclude GST and assume a 6-month commitment. For weekly billing, a 2-week payroll bond will be required prior to weekly billing commencing

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Your Questions Answered

It’s totally up to you, but we highly recommend using Teamwork, Zoom, VOIP phone number, and Skype.

Your marketing team will, under the direction of their marketing manager, set aside the number of hours required to action your digital marketing strategy. They will also ensure that they have time set aside to meet the number of hours you have nominated within your chosen plan. If for any reason the team goes undertime in any given month, they will make up the hours the following month, just as an in-house employee would.

Your My Cloud Crew member will be available to work at least from 8:30AM to 5:30PM AEST, Monday to Friday, unless you choose a crew member from an alternative time zone. When you hire a marketing team, your Australian marketing manager will either work in our Australian office or from home and will generally be available via email, phone and video-conference 9am-5pm AEST.

Throughout your life with My Cloud Crew, you will have one single point of contract for hiring, chairing interviews, initiating performance improvement programs, coaching & feedback, and all billing issues.

If you would like to part ways with your My Cloud Crew staff, we follow best practice performance improvement (PIP) process. If you have provided feedback and specific areas that need to be improved upon, and performance does not improve, let them know via video-conference that they are being fired from your team, and we will replace your crew member within 24 hours. If the same performance issues arise, you may terminate your staff leasing agreement with My Cloud Crew. For terminations that take place before the 15th of the month, your crew member’s final day with you will be the final day of that month. Terminations that take place after the 15th of the month, the contract ends on the 15th of the next month. Payments are in advance, therefore note that refunds will not be provided should you fire your crew after a payment has been made.

When you sign up online you will see that payments will be auto-debited either weekly or monthly. For weekly debits, they will take place every Friday in advance for the work-week about to commence. Should you choose monthly payments, they will be auto-debited on the 1st of each month and will equal precisely 4.33x the weekly amount. For all options chosen, a security deposit equivalent to 1 week will be collected to offset against any auto-debits that are unsuccessful, to ensure your team can continue working uninterrupted.

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